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How to Analyze People: Psychology System For Speed Reading Body Language & Personality Types

Author: George Walker

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1711358495
ISBN 13: 978-1711358499

Why is there so much conflict in personal communication?

Why do many conversations bear no fruits and generate acrimony?

Well, the answer is simple. Too many people do not hear beyond the words directed at them. Unable to reconcile the message in these words with what they suspect/perceive, conflict ensues.

Ninety percent of people leave their minds on autopilot. Most people hear what is said to them and have no choice but to accept because they do not have the mental ability to examine the words and match it with or against the body language being displayed. Others can notice body language cues but cannot interpret them. 

How would you like to be able to understand body language better? 

Here is the good news; you can learn to read and understand body language cues. Yes, you do not need specialized training to be able to understand what people say and what they leave unsaid.

Some of the topics that you will get to learn about include:

  • Explains the nexus between values, belief system, and attitude
  • Helps you understand your attitude as a prerequisite for understanding others
  • Throws more light on some of the most common body language cues
  • Teaches you to analyze speech patterns
  • Explains seven compelling reasons why you should learn to analyze people 
  • Shows a practical way to validate what a person says with what their body says
  • Traces the origins of the different character profile and attitude people have

Communication can be confusing or feel incomplete. By applying the tips in this book, you will be empowered to fill in the gaps of communication and be able to communicate better. Understand the underlying sentiments driving the person in front of you and adjust accordingly. Imagine being able to tell when people are not entirely truthful or trying to hide something from you. I can attest to this making life much easier.

Analyzing people isn’t the rocket science that it is purported to be. It can be easy if you know the right things to do. Are you interested in communicating and understanding people better? 

Get this book today to discover the secrets of analyzing people.