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How To Analyze People: Speed Read People, Analyze Body Language & Personality Types

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Author: Edward Benedict

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1793897018
ISBN 13: 978-1793897015

In this ‘How to Analyze People: Speed Read People, Analyze Body Language & Personality Types’ you will learn the techniques on deciphering common body language and also learning how the eyes can give us a perspective of non-verbal communication. This book also explore how to understand self and the important of context. By learning how to analyze people effectively, the goal here is to help you create stronger connections with the people around you, be able to empathize better with them and also make you a better leader and team member. You will also discover how to conduct a behavioral analysis and also common patterns of interpreting behavior. Apart from that, readers can also learn about the kinds of clues to look out for in spotting if someone is lying or telling the truth, spotting insecurity in people as well as how to tell if someone is romantically interested in you.What are you waiting for? Start the New Year by learning how to effectively analyze people!