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How to Analyze People: The Ultimate Guide to The Art of Analyzing Human Behavior, Mastering Body Language and Speed Reading People on Sight

Author: Leonard Moore

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1070498920
ISBN 13: 978-1070498928

Do you want to learn how to read, analyze and influence other people?

The truth is… our bodies say many things about us, before we even speak a word. By looking at somebody’s facial expressions, hand gestures and body language you can understand his feelings, the motives behind his actions, and sometimes even his thoughts. Just think about all the ways you could use this knowledge in your advantage. And the best part is, reading people isn’t some kind of vague nonsense, it’s a practice that’s actually based on science and psychology.

If you want to learn how to read people, understand their behavior and influence them, this is the book for you.

In this book, you’ll learn how to analyze people on the spot using science-based techniques. You’ll learn the meanings of expressions and microexpressions, hand movements, verbal and non-verbal clues, leg movements, personality types and human behavior in general.

The problem with books on this subject is that reading them feels like reading bad textbooks. They will only talk about the theory, but will never show you how to actually apply what you’re learning. This book is different. After learning all the techniques and secrets to read people like a pro, you’ll find a collection of examples that will show you how to analyze people in real life scenarios. You’ll also learn 12 “FBI Style” strategies for reading people instantly.

Inside How to Analyze People, discover:

  • Science based techniques to analyze people and understand their motives, thoughts and emotions.
  • Seemingly innocuous questions you can ask to understand somebody’s personality and feelings.
  • 12 FBI Style strategies for instantly reading people without them knowing what you’re doing.
  • The 13 most common hand movements you can study to understand thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
  • Why and how you should be reading verbal clues to understand motives, behavior and personality.
  • 27 psychology based tips to spot a liar (that actually work).
  • A step-by-step process to determine a person’s personality type by asking yourself a set of questions.
  • Practical examples of how to read people in real life scenarios.
  • Why you shouldn’t look at standalone signs if you want to analyze body language (and what you should be doing instead).
  • The #1 indicator you should analyze to read and understand emotions without letting anybody know that you’re doing it.

Even if you have no clue about psychology and human behavior, this book will give you all the tools you need to read people and better understand their motives, thoughts and emotions.

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