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HOW TO COPE WITH BIPOLAR DISORDER IN RELATIONSHIPS: Discover the friends effect, why you need relationship, how not to destroy your relationship, find love in bipolar and tips to cope in college

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Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1729393950
ISBN 13: 978-1729393956

Absence of relationship is like life without air, rivers without water and birds without nests, relationships are inevitable and especially when you’re handicapped. I’ve lived through the thorns of bipolar disorder; robbed of my crush in college because he couldn’t cope with my madness, I’ve lost best friends, I’ve stained myself and I’ve had nice moments too…within this intervals I was gradually building bricks which I later turned to my solid rock.Having bipolar disorder can be traumatic, and depressive; relationship rubs off the wanton feelings of anxiety and agitation. Everybody needs to be loved, everybody want to save their home, keep their family and friends and for the bipolar patients this is often the case too, you need someone when you’re stuck at the bridge, so how can you possibly deal with this? Well I’ve got it covered, in this simple book, I’ve simplified everything. It cuts across;
  • Why relationship is important as a bipolar patient
  • Advice for romantic relationship
  • How to cope in your relationship
  • How not to ruin your relationships
  • How to involve your loved ones
  • Getting along with friends, partners and how not to lose them
  • Getting along in school
  • And many more
I know you want to thrive in every area of your life, I know you find it difficult to focus, that is why I’ve made it an easy and short read, the tips in this book works if applied correctly. I’ve delivered this for high costs during seminars and psychotherapy sessions, but it’s all simplified and made cheaper for you. Grab the chance and save your relationship today.