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How to Help and Encourage Your Child Who Has Been Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Major Depression, or Borderline Personality Disorder: Speaking to the Heart of Your Hurting Child

Author: Kimberly Sakoulas Griffin

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1548800139
ISBN 13: 978-1548800130

Written with heart and compassion by a mother who is on the journey, this small book provides support and help to parents who are loving and encouraging a child of any age who has been diagnosed with a challenging and painful mental illness. Intended to help parents gain understanding of the depth of pain and the complexity of suicidality, this book also delivers practical measures (pertaining to medications, counseling, etc.), directs you to powerful and meaningful resources, and shares coping skills. Most importantly, it reveals how to communicate in order to build strong relationships that can lead to better mental health, healing, and hope.