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How to Survive Bipolar Disorder: Book #2 in How to Survive Series

Author: Stephanie Anne Allen

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1980401411
ISBN 13: 978-1980401414

How to Survive Bipolar Disorder is the second book in the “How to Survive Series”. This empowering self-help book offers the reader hope, inspiration, encouragement, insight, and tips on how to cope effectively with manic depression. The author aims to connect with readers on a deeper level. She has both professional and extensive personal experience with bipolar disorder, and therefore can offer readers the knowledge, compassion, and empathy they need for their recovery.The book begins by educating the reader on the causes, symptoms, and the illness itself. Then the author offers her own personal journey with bipolar disorder. She ends with inspirational quotes that she has found helpful in her own struggles with this mental illness. "You are not alone in your battle against this horrible mental illness. I’ve been there. I’ve been through it, and I want to be a prime example of how you can recover and strive in this world."--Stephanie Anne Allen Book blurb: "Going through adversity moves you in a direction of greater success. Adversity strengthens your character. You gain courage. You gain insight. And, most pleasing of all, you gain wisdom. The individuals who have been through the most trying times in life are without doubt the wisest and most compasssionate people that you will ever meet. They are the ones who never gave up. They are the ones who beat all odds. They should be our role models. They are a very good example to us all on how we should live."-Book Blurb from How to Survive Bipolar Disorder