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Hungry For Happiness - One Woman's Journey From Fighting Food To Finding Freedom: How To End Binge Eating, Forever

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Author: Samantha Skelly

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1520694741
ISBN 13: 978-1520694740

Are you stuck in the vicious diet/binge cycle?

Do you feel uncomfortable and disconnected in your body? Are you ready to stop using food as a drug? This engaging and thought-provoking book will allow you to discover what the root issue that is causing you to be at war with food and in a battle with your body. It’s not about the food, it’s a much deeper reason. Waking up each morning obsessing over food, over-analysing calories and feeling guilty about what you at the night before is no way to live. Food is meant to be fuel, used for health and hunger - not to numb the emotional pain you are dealing with. When you are disconnected from your body you have no access to your intuition, therefore deciphering between an emotional hunger cue and a physical hunger cue can be challenging. In order to end binge eating forever, it’s essential you don’t put another ‘bandaid on bullet wound’ with restrictive diets, you need to look at the core emotional root that is causing you to be in a fight with food and your body. Using her personal story, going from fighting food to finding freedom, ‘Hungry For Happiness’ author Samantha Skelly shares her struggle and exactly how she was able to break free of the battle and repair her relationship with food and her body. If you’ve battle with how to lose weight, and you’re fed up with dieting, this book is for you. In this book you will discover, tangible and actionable exercises to perform after each chapter which will help you to break free of the battle with binge eating, finally learn to end binge eating disorder forever. This is a journey, Skelly digs deep and provides tools to once and for all help you end your fight with food and your body.

In this book you’ll discover…

How to get to the root of what is causing your food obsession How to find peace, freedom and liberation in your body Step by step strategies that you can use today to heal your relationship to food It’s time to stop wasting money on dieting that don’t work, and miracle pills that leave you overweight and overwhelmed. It’s time to take control back, learn how to use food for health and hunger and allow yourself to experience sustainable, long-term weight release as soon as you close the last chapter. If you’ve read ‘Women, Food & God’ by Geneen Roth then get your hands on this. What is stopping you from achieving the life, body and inner happiness you desire? Scroll to the top and click the “buy now” button.