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Hypnotherapy For Health, Harmony, And Peak Performance: Expanding The Goals Of Psychotherapy

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Author: Catherine Walters

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN 10: 0876306903
ISBN 13: 978-0876306901

This volume sets forth a holistic application of hypnosis that, although grounded in Ericksonian health techniques, embraces the positive paradigms of wellness, tranquility, and optimal performance. The primary focus is on enhancing mental and physical wellbeing by cultivating the healthy parts of the psyche and soma - a more beneficial therapeutic goal, in the authors' view, than the traditional emphasis on diagnosing and treating pathology.; The authors demonstrate why and how hypnotherapy is a particularly effective means of enhancing wellbeing and present a Variety Of Hypnotherapeutic Techniques For Promoting Health, Harmony, And peak mental and physical performance. The book includes a chapter on writing your own hypnosis scripts.