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I hope this finds you well

Author: joanna michael

Publisher: Parallel

ISBN 10: 0692043454
ISBN 13: 978-0692043455

I hope this finds you well is a collection of poetry derived from eating disorders, addiction, heartbreak and emotional healing. The poems are numbered in random order as a metaphor for the confusing and bewildering environment of mental illness and addiction. It is also intentional to symbolize the way healing is not linear; we often start on step one, jump to step sixteen, regress to step six and then wake up the next day at step 273. An hour later we are back to step 30. The author compels the reader to understand you are where you are supposed to be; there is no timeline.Encompassing the metaphor of a vase, it is divided into five sections: the molding, the painting, the shattering, the rebuilding and the revealing. Throughout the journey, it slowly becomes apparent that the reader is the vase. Lastly, I hope this finds you well is a community of understanding we are not what broke us; we are what we became from it.