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I Love My Workbook: 7 Simple Guided Steps So You Can Completely Stop Binge Eating and Overeating, Reach Your Goal Weight, and Leave Shame, Guilt, and Food Obsession Behind You

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Author: Glenn Livingston Ph.D.

Publisher: Psy Tech, Inc.

ISBN 10: 173297926X
ISBN 13: 978-1732979260

Now you can walk yourself through the very same coaching process Dr Livingston has taken hundreds of clients through, step by precious step. Never Binge Again is a radically different approach to overcoming overeating, and this workbook will help you embrace and integrate all its powerful principles:

  • Eat Healthy without Relying on Willpower:  As you work your way through this book, starting with the very first exercise, you should find yourself dramatically less drained by constant decision making about food...and that energy can be finally be put to other, more important, healthier use!
  • Discover the Body You Were Meant to Live In:  As food becomes less and less of an issue your body can and should gradually shed the excess weight you’ve been holding until you reach a natural, comfortable weight.
  • Escape the Tyranny of “Emotional Eating”:  Never again feel compelled to put bad food in your body just because you don’t like the way you feel!
  • Find Freedom from Food Obsession:  As you eliminate and automate difficult food decisions, the mental obsession with food should lift.  Put your mind to better use, including simply being present, mindful, and aware.
  • Break Free from the Diet Mentality:  Find sustainable habits you can live with for a lifetime!
  • Uncover Your Most Personal and Sustainable Motivation:  Get BOTH a short-term boost in motivation AND the power to carry you through the long run! All personalized to your specific needs.
  • Reclaim Your Power: To this point you’ve been letting your Lizard Brain (lower brain) control you. It’s time to take back the reins and show the Lizard who’s boss!
  • End Your War with Food:  Ever fought a war with a bagel, donut, chocolate bar, piece of pizza, or dish of pasta…and lost?  Are you exhausted from constantly trying to wage a “war on food” in your own head… where YOU are the primary casualty?  See how to declare the war over once and for all so you can find peace again.

 You'll love this workbook because within it is the power to put overeating and binge eating behind you for good!