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Identifying and Assessing Students with Emotional Disturbance

Author: Terry Tibbetts "Ph.D.J.D."

Publisher: Brookes Publishing

ISBN 10: 1598572717
ISBN 13: 978-1598572711

To help improve social and academic outcomes for all students, school psychologists must be ready to accurately identify, assess, and support students with emotional disturbance. This essential resource gives them the clear information, practical guidance, and up-to-date research they need. Ideal for use as a supplemental textbook or a key reference for in-service school psychologists, this book will clarify what constitutes emotional disturbance in educational settings, how it differs from the clinical definition, and how to assess and intervene effectively so students learn and thrive.


  • Differentiate social maladjustment from emotional disturbance (includes clear coverage of the exclusionary clause)
  • Understand the RTI model as it relates to identification of behavioral and emotional issues
  • Meet the legal requirements for assessment procedures
  • Determine eligibility for the 'emotional disturbance' identification
  • Help ensure meaningful individualized educational programs for students
  • Help teachers develop classroom supports that address the needs of students with emotional disturbance


Brief vignettes and excerpts from federal- and state-level court findings help illuminate the educational definition of emotional disturbance, and practical tables and charts aid with the assessment process and determining eligibility.