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If You Are Struggling: One Woman's Journey through Bipolar Disorder, Trauma, and a Split Personality

Author: Beverly Ann Needham

Publisher: Bookwhip Company

ISBN 10: 1950580202
ISBN 13: 978-1950580200

If You Are Struggling portrays one woman’s courageous journey through bipolar disorder, multiple personalities and trauma. The author shares how mental illness affected her family and how—after 13 years—the right medication was never found. Her story tells how she survived, and what finally helped her to deal with her condition.

One reader said: “This is an amazing book for people who have hit rock bottom. It’s not a text book where somebody says, ‘These are the statistics and if you do this, then such and such will happen.’ No, this is from someone who went through it.” (Mrs. Dzebzenko) 

One woman with a Crystal Meth addiction said after reading this book, “Now I feel there’s hope for someone like me—if Beverly can get through what she got through, then I can get through my stuff too,” and she recovered.
Another reader said, “Thank you for writing this book. Now I know I’m not alone. I can understand my own life better, and share my story with more courage.” (Pvt. Ben Sullivan, U.S. Army, former foster child)

A California High School Teacher describes this books as, “A frank, eye-opening book and the best book on bipolar disorder that I have ever seen. It will help a lot of people.” (Jeanette Hill) 

A Marriage and Family Therapist Bud Andreasen describes the book, saying, “Excellent book, very insightful.” 
Dan Gils, a mason and truck driver said, “I usually don’t read books, but I stayed up all night to finish this one. It puts into words what all of us feel, but none of us know how to express.”