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If You Only Knew: Revealing the Humanity of Mental Illness

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Author: Barb Kellogg

Publisher: Barb Kellogg Photography

ISBN 10: 1946195502
ISBN 13: 978-1946195500

If you know someone living with mental illness, have you ever wanted to know how it feels--but were too afraid to ask? If you live with mental illness, have you ever wanted to feel accepted or understood?

"If You Only Knew" was created by photographer and author Barb Kellogg to encourage you to see beyond mental illness diagnoses and definitions and instead understand how it truly feels.


If you're curious, it's OK--this book is for anyone who wants a sense of what it's like to walk in someone else's shoes. You can begin to discover what depression, schizophrenia, and other illnesses feel like through these authentic and powerful interviews and photographs.

If you've ever felt misunderstood or invisible, this book offers validation and encouragement.

If you're ready to help open the conversation around mental illness and fight the discrimination associated with it, this book will fuel your desire for change.


The interviews can be read in any order. Please note that some of the content in this book may be emotionally difficult for sensitive readers.


This is not a self-help book. Nor is it a book of medical advice or guidance, even though some participants share details and opinions about their treatment experiences. Please remember each person is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to living with or experiencing mental illness.

This book does not represent all individuals living with mental illness. While I made efforts to interview people with varied backgrounds, it was never my intention to explore every mental illness and socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic circumstance.

This book is not a series of complete biographies. Each interview contains only a slice of each person's much-fuller life story. Limiting the scope of each interview to the central theme was one of the more difficult aspects of the process, yet it was necessary to keep the focus on what mental illness feels like.


"If You Only Knew" is a photo essay depicting what mental illness feels like. It's an authentic and powerful collection of interviews and photographs that portray the humanity of mental illness.

"If You Only Knew" is about strength, humor, perseverance, vulnerability, heartbreak, and optimism.

"If You Only Knew" is ultimately about connection. About being seen. Being heard. Being understood. Everyone in this book was excited to share their story. Many shared with the hope of making the path easier for someone else. To anyone who has experienced mental illness--whether it be briefly or over a lifetime--they offer encouragement and validation.