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Imago Relationship Therapy: An Introduction to Theory and Practice

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Author: Rick Brown

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN 10: 0471242896
ISBN 13: 978-0471242895

Developed by renowned therapist and bestselling author HarvilleHendrix, PhD, Imago Therapy is a groundbreaking approach to workingwith couples. The "Imago" is the unconscious image we hold of ourparents. According to Hendrix, people select their mates by seeking"Imago matches"--individuals who resemble their parents in salientways. A couple's relationship dynamic is created and shaped as eachpartner interacts with his or her Imago match, revisitingunfinished or unresolved issues from childhood.

Based on the ideas popularized in Hendrix's New York Timesbestseller Getting the Love You Want, this is the first book tosystematically describe to mental health professionals the theoryand practice of Imago Therapy. Rick Brown, ThM, the ExecutiveDirector of the Institute for Imago Relationship Therapy, revealsthe developmental and analytic underpinnings of the Imago approach,and clearly demonstrates how to apply these principles in aclinical setting. Drawing on a range of case studies, Brown showshow to coach couples to work through their unresolved childhoodissues and toward a safe, passionate, and committed consciousrelationship.

The first clinical primer to this innova-tive approach to couplestherapy, Imago Relationship Therapy brings therapists acomprehensive and practical exploration of one of the most talkedabout approaches in the field.

"As a co-originator, with Helen Hunt, of the theory and practice, Iam delighted with the accuracy of the presentation and feelgratified that it finally brings Imago Relationship Therapy to thetherapeutic community. I give it my full endorsement.

While other books have been written on application of IRT to othercontexts and summary chapters have appeared in other books, this isthe first book-length primer to describe the general practice ofIRT with couples. Rick Brown is eminently qualified to write thisbook. He has been a Certified Imago Therapist(r) for nearly adecade, teaching the theory and practice to therapists nationallyand internationally, and he has been an able Executive Director ofthe Institute for Imago Relationship Therapy. I was delighted tolearn that he was invited by the publisher to expand his publiclectures into a book. Therapists who read it will get a generaloverview of the metatheory, the clinical theory, and the clinicalpractice of Imago Relationship Therapy. . . . It does offertherapists who wish to become familiar with IRT an accurate andclear guide to its theory and practice and, in addition, it is anexcellent review for Imago therapists." --Harville Hendrix, PhD,from the Foreword.