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In the Shadows of the Net: Breaking Free of Compulsive Online Sexual Behavior

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Author: Patrick J Carnes Ph.D

Publisher: Hazelden Publishing

ISBN 10: 1592854788
ISBN 13: 978-1592854783

The much-anticipated second edition of the breakthrough book about recovering from online sexual addiction.

As the Internet becomes a more powerful, imposing force in our lives, indeed becoming difficult to avoid, the potential for related problems also increases. This includes troubles of a sexual nature. When accessing porn no longer requires even a trip to the store, when we can view and participate in sexual activities anonymously, when younger and younger children are being exposed to sex online, when virtual interactions take over, limiting and even destroying real-time relationships, we are in crisis.

Compulsive online sexual behavior is a real and growing problem. Yet the situation is not without hope. For those who are seeing signs of significant online problems in themselves or a loved one, this updated second edition of In the Shadows of the Net provides answers, understanding, and tools for recovery. With the latest statistics, discussion of recent technologies and devices, and new thinking on developing a healthy relationship with the Internet and avoiding relapse, this book offers authoritative, professional advice for achieving lasting, healthy change and healing.