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INFJ: INFJs in Relationships: The Ultimate Guide to Happy, Healthy and Rewarding Relationships for INFJ People

Author: Melissa Brooke

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 13: 979-8611190456

Is it the INFJs destiny to live a life void of the soul-shattering connection that they desire? Can the most misunderstood of all the personality types ever find true happiness in a relationship?

If you are an INFJ, or are in a relationship with an INFJ, and want to discover the secrets to a healthy and rewarding relationship, then keep reading.

As one of the rarest personality types, INFJs are often misunderstood their whole lives. When they eventually commit to somebody, the need to be understood is more prevalent than ever.

INFJs, do you find yourself doubting that anyone could ever truly understand you on a deeper level?

INFJs report the highest rates of marital dissatisfaction, however, this does not need to be the case for you!

Research has proven that educating couples on their partner’s personality traits can increase relationship satisfaction and reduce divorce rates! It really is that simple …

In INFJs in Relationships: The Ultimate Guide to Happy, Healthy and Rewarding Relationships for INFJ People, Melissa Brooke uncovers the secrets to long-lasting enduring INFJ relationships. Melissa, an INFJ herself, is now 15 years into a happy and fulfilling relationship, and she wants to reassure all fellow INFJs that a happy, healthy and rewarding relationship is possible for them too.

Start building the strong foundations for your relationship today.

This book will help to spark those all-important conversations with your romantic partner. By the end of the book, your partner will feel that they understand you better than ever before. Together you are starting to build the strong foundations that will allow you to form deep and meaningful connections. Embrace the strengths of your INFJ personality, and work on your weaknesses to create a happy and healthy relationship that you always dreamed of.

There are no excuses to feel misunderstood in your relationship any longer!

You no longer need to feel unseen or unheard; let your INFJ light shine. Help your partner to understand and appreciate exactly what you bring to the relationship when you can be freely and unapologetically you! Taking the time to really understand how your personality traits manifest in your relationships will be one of your most valuable investments. Armed with the understanding and support of your partner, become your greatest INFJ version and be proud of who you are!

Here Is a Preview of What You'll Discover in INFJs in Relationships: The Ultimate Guide to Happy, Healthy and Rewarding Relationships for INFJ People:

  • The 4 Cognitive Functions of an INFJ
  • 12 Unique Strengths That INFJs Bring to Relationships
  • Simple & Proven Strategies to Overcome INFJ Weaknesses in Romantic Relationships
  • What an INFJ Really Wants from a Romantic Partner
  • How Compatible Other Myers-Briggs Personality Types Are in INFJ Relationships (All 16 of Them)
  • Joint Exercises to Spark Communication Between Partners
  • Much, Much More!

Don’t give up on your dream of a happier, healthier, and more rewarding relationship before reading this book. Start building the strong, long-lasting, and meaningful relationship that you deserve, TODAY.

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