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Inside the Mind: Understanding and Communicating with Those Who Have Autism, Asperger's, Social Communication Disorder, and Add

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Author: Suzanne Morris

Publisher: Counseling and Healing, Pllc

ISBN 10: 1940598990
ISBN 13: 978-1940598994

This book explains inductive reasoning issues (IRI), how IRI creates forty different behaviors that were common to Asperger's, and it gives at least one idea on how to help those with IRI and one idea for them to help themselves for each behavior. It also shares information on other health issues related to IRI and talks about possible reasons for IRI, diagnosing IRI including differential diagnosis, and how to work with those who have IRI and their families. An extensive resource section is given for books, tools, DVDs and websites along with an explanation of the grief process that is not Kubler-Ross'.

This book can help you to understand those who have inductive reasoning issues. It will help you work more effectively with them, whether you are a parent, significant other, teacher, therapist, other professional, boss, or other family member. And those with IRI may feel that someone finally understands them for the first time in their life.

Suzanne Morris's intent with this carefully written, detailed, and resource-filled book is to help those with inductive reasoning issues lead a more fulfilling life through compassion and mutual understanding in families, in schools and in the work place. Reading this book may allow those with inductive reasoning issues to feel truly heard, perhaps for the first time in their life! Inside the Mind is unique, amazing, and much needed. It is so packed with information that it is more useful than anything else available.