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Interpersonal Perception, Second Edition: The Foundation of Social Relationships

Author: David A. Kenny

Publisher: The Guilford Press

ISBN 10: 1462541518
ISBN 13: 978-1462541515

People make judgments about others all the time, often without realizing they are doing so. How are interpersonal impressions formed? How accurate are our perceptions of other people's traits--and our own? In this major revision of his landmark work, David A. Kenny provides a reader-friendly examination of these and other critical questions, identifying key components that shape impressions and their accuracy. Topics include how to estimate perceiver, target, and relationship effects; the extent to which different perceivers see a target in the same way; the impact of group membership and stereotypes; and whether others see us as we see ourselves. Implications for interpersonal relationships and social behavior are highlighted.
New to This Edition
*Virtually a new book; incorporates 25 years of theoretical, empirical, and methodological advances.
*New and greatly expanded topics, including first impressions, individual differences in accuracy, implicit measures, and narcissism.
*Grounded in a reformulated conceptual model.
*More accessible--uses nontechnical language, humor, popular culture, and simplified figures to elucidate complex ideas.
*End-of-chapter "Practical Suggestions" apply the science to real-world social situations.