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INTUITIVE EATING: A Beginner’s Guide To The Most Incredible Joyus Anti-diet Programme


Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 170442965X
ISBN 13: 978-1704429656

To say the truth, we have all been there at a point in time, angry with ourselves for lacking the willpower over diet, and also for overeating. But the problem is not us; it is that dieting has stopped us from paying attention to our body as a result of its emphasis on rules and guidelines.

This book, INTUITIVE EATING will teach you:

  • What Intuitive Eating Is
  • History of Intuitive Eating
  • Science Behind Intuitive eating
  • Basic Principles of Intuitive Eating
  • Benefits of Intuitive Eating
  • How to Plan Intuitive Eating
  • Mindful Eating
  • Differences Between Mindful and Intuitive Eating
  • How to Raise an Intuitive Eater
  • How to Practice Intuitive Movement….and many more.

This revised edition features improvements and extensions throughout the chapters that help readers to incorporate intuitive nutrition into their day-to-day lives even more fully.