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Jesus Wept: When Faith and Depression Meet

Author: Barbara C. Crafton

Publisher: Fortress Press
ISBN 10: 1506454550
ISBN 13: 978-1506454559

Publisher: Jossey-Bass
ISBN 10: 9780470371954
ISBN 13: 978-0470371954

Jesus Wept, Barbara C. Crafton's best-selling and brilliant reflection on faith and depression, is now released in its tenth-anniversary edition, complete with a new foreword by the author, who reflects on the choice she made ten years ago to break the silence and speak openly about her own experience with depression.

"I was determined to speak freely about it" she writes. "Many, probably most, of my clergy confréres were - and remain - unwilling to invite such a stigma to take up permanent residence in their resumes. But there are some who know the isolation and despair into which depression can drag a person, and they might benefit from knowing that someone whose whole life has been given to God also knows these things. If that is the case, it's well worth the stigma."

Like all human experience, no two courses of depression and healing are the same. Religious belief can make depression easier, but it can also make it harder. It calls our beliefs about ourselves and about God's presence in our lives into painful question. Barbara Crafton's beautiful and candid book addresses these questions head on, reminding her readers that God does not ordain our suffering but instead meets us in our darkest days to compassionately call us toward the light.