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Joggin' Your Noggin: Fun and Challenging Word Games for Seniors

Author: Mary Randolph

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1478317647
ISBN 13: 978-1478317647

This second book in the series contains slightly higher-level vocabulary, while using the same popular game format presented in Volume One. All activities are carefully designed to challenge the minds of people in mild to moderate stages of dementia.Written by a Speech-Language Pathologist, the books incorporate research-based activities to stimulate word-finding. Regardless of the level of difficulty, the games provide essential calisthenics to keep the mind active.• Unlike most Alzheimer's books aimed at caregivers, these are designed to be completed independently by individuals with the disease, giving them an opportunity for enjoyable leisure-time activity and a sense of pride and accomplishment. • When shared with caregivers, family or friends, meaningful interaction is automatic. Individual game items provide a springboard to reminisce about fond memories and create positive feelings.• The series offers activity directors or recreation therapists a wealth of ready-made content to incorporate into group activities.• The level of difficulty, based on vocabulary, varies from the simplest in Volume I to the most advanced in Volume IV. Answers are provided at the back of the first two issues and following each game in the last two issues. • Each book, containing 70 to 80 games, is sold at a more affordable price than similar products.• The “Joggin’ Your Noggin” series continues to receive very positive reviews.