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Learning Emotion-Focused Therapy: The Process-Experiential Approach to Change

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Author: Robert Elliott

Publisher: Amer Psychological Assn

ISBN 10: 1591470803
ISBN 13: 978-1591470809

In Learning Emotion-Focused Therapy, the originators of Process-Experiential Therapy describe in detail the various tasks and techniques of this theoretically grounded, empirically supported, and integrative humanistic therapy, while emphasizing the importance of the therapeutic relationship. The authors, Robert Elliott, Jeanne C. Watson, Leslie S. Greenberg, and Rhonda N. Goldman, well-respected scholars and leading figures in the field, address each major aspect of theory, case formulation, treatment, and research, as well as the nuances of learning and teaching this complex form of therapy. This exceptionally informative book has the potential to be of great practical value to therapists and students learning experiential, humanistic, and integrative therapies, as well as to those who teach this mode of psychotherapy.