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Life's Too Short!

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Author: Abraham Twerski

Publisher: Griffin

ISBN 10: 0312155700
ISBN 13: 978-0312155704

In this practical and supportive guide to self-esteem, Dr. Abraham Twerski explains how most self-defeating behavior stems from a sense of inferiority and that practically no one is immune to its hazards. Through his patients' life stories and the humor of cartoons, Dr. Twerski shows that people are far more capable than they consider themselves to be. His advice comes from his experience in helping over 40,000 patients create better lives.

Let Dr. Twerski show you how to:

* Recognize the symptoms of low esteem-- such as workaholism, anxiety, and depression-- and how to avoid these emotional pitfalls.
* Form groups to create a network of comfort and support.
* Identify negative behavior patterns and build the confidence to overcome them.
* Defeat the self-image delusions that affect everyone.

Life's Too Short offers the solutions to problems of inadequacy, shame, and poor self-image. Dr. Twerski's down-to-earth program and optimistic outlook is essential for anyone who feels that life is too short not to live to its fullest.