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Light in the Darkness

Author: Destiny Phillips

Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.

ISBN 10: 1642145408
ISBN 13: 978-1642145403

We are told the world we live in is a big place, but try living in my head; its much bigger! The phrase I hate being bipolar, its awesome, that about sums it up in a nutshell. Ive been silent for so long that writing this comes as a healing component in my journey to embracing my mental illness. My name is Destiny Ann Phillips, and I am not only a wife, a mother of three very special humans, but I am also bipolar, and I am not ashamed of it any longer. I will no longer hide it but embrace it, and if that makes me selfish and cruel, then so be it; but for better or for worse, I made myself a promise to get better, and this is my journey in doing so. Im tired of reading self-help books written by doctors who have treated bipolar patients. I want to hear more from those who suffer from it and people who cant afford the best that money can buy. This is my story, my journey, and those of us who are struggling with bipolar disorder who want to make others aware we are here, we exist, and we are not crazy. We are uniquely entertaining.