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Lighthouse: 74 Suicide Inoculation Affirmations for Bipolar Disorder / Cyclothymia: 24 plus 50 more vital affirmations

Author: Charles K Bunch PhD

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1491232064
ISBN 13: 978-1491232064

Stay HERE…….WE need you! All bipolar persons will have suicidal thoughts at some time 1 of 5 bipolar will attempt suicide Half of those will succeed in the suicide. Inoculated against the pain and negative thoughts of feeling suicidal: 74 Affirmations. The epidemic of suicide is shattering our country, families, and circles. It is the most preventable cause of death there is. Worse yet, the loss of one life robs the world of love, joy, and creativity that person had to offer. 24 plus 50 affirmations smack suicidal ideas in the face. Suicide inoculation works! Charles K Bunch, PhD, clinical therapist, author and director of Boise Bipolar Center Hope Abounds