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Living From My Centered Self: An IFS Wisdom Journal

Author: Elaine Casquarelli PhD

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1688806857
ISBN 13: 978-1688806856

A Powerful Reflective Journal for IFS Clients, Therapists and Coaches

Reduce Stress, Inspire Your Soul, Return to Wholeness

Living From My Centered Self, an IFS Wisdom Journaluses a collaborative approach to help IFS clients, therapists, and coaches experience a Self-led life!  The IFS Wisdom Journalinvites you to develop a daily soul practice of exploring your parts with compassionate attention in your fillable journal. It accomplishes this task by inviting you to:

  • Build greater presence and love on your inner journey.
  • Engage in daily explorations of Self and parts.
  • Use structured weekly and monthly reflections pages.
  • Balance your inner and outer worlds by integrating the five aspects of well-being into your life.
  • Find new vocabulary using the feeling, intention, and body-sensation word lists to help you on your path of self-discovery.
  • Review the IFS resources available in the journal and dive more deeply into IFS and its process. 

Each of the four volumes of the journal is based on two of the 8 Characteristics of Self and constitutes a three-month inquiry.  As you move through the four volumes of the journal, you will explore activities and questions that invite you to experience the 8 Characteristics of Self more fully and joyfully. 

Volume 1: Curiosity and Clarity

Volume 2: Courage and Creativity

Volume 3: Compassion and Connectedness

Volume 4: Calmness and Confidence

Cover artwork by Estella Loretto.

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