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Living with Bipolar Disorder: My Story about Rising to the Top of My Game to Hitting the Bottom of Despair

Author: E Fiske-Jorgensen

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1489544658
ISBN 13: 978-1489544650

My Story about Rising to the Top of My Game and Hitting the Bottom of Despair This book describes my own personal triumphs and struggles with Bipolar Disorder, coupled with ADHD. I have found some good books and articles about the disorder; but unfortunately, there is still a great deal left unknown about it, even among the most educated in the field. So it is quite an undertaking to find anything to help further your understanding of it or how to cope with it. Along those same lines, very few people are willing to tell their story, mainly because of the stigmas attached to it. The primary reason I wrote this book is to help others struggling with Bipolar Disorder. Perhaps, if you have been diagnosed with it, you can find a gold nugget along the way that is helpful, or perhaps you can relate to my entire story. The other reason for writing my story is to help me find some clarity and a better comprehension of what I now have to manage for the rest of my life. If you are reading this to help someone you love with Bipolar Disorder, I hope that this book will help you to grasp it a little better, but be cautious in knowing that each person has his or her own struggles and stories to tell. This book is just my story. I purposefully omitted all names from the book for confidentiality purposes and to respect others’ privacy. Nothing detracts from the stories, but once you read them, you will understand my reasons for this decision. Throughout the book, I also share some valuable resources that I have found along the way that have helped me better understand and cope with the disorder. I hope they help you too.