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Living Without Shame: A Support Book for Mothers with Addicted Children: 52 Activities to Help You Feel, Heal, and Grow

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Author: Barbara Theodosiou

Publisher: Hazelden Publishing

ISBN 10: 1616497815
ISBN 13: 978-1616497811

Living Without Shame is the follow-up support book to Barbara Theodosiou’s family account of addiction, Without Shame. She knows all too well the depths of addiction, losing her precious son Daniel to its destruction. Recipient of a White House Champion of Change award, Barbara continues to help other mothers of addicted children with this interactive mindfulness journal for moms.

Founder of The Addict’s Mom and sister to tens of thousands of fellow mothers of children with addictions, Barbara Theodosiou renews her pledge to help her peers. Living Without Shame is anchored in her main spiritual principle of healing: to process, grieve, and move forward from addiction, mothers of addicted children must look inward and live outward, without shame.

Nestled inside an affirming and comforting aesthetic, this guided journal’s fifty-two weekly activities help any mother to focus on herself. It may feel unnatural at first, because a mother’s primary concern is always her child. But it’s vital that a mother look after herself too, and this healing journal is designed for just that. This journal isn’t for a child: not for finding him help or for saving him. It’s entirely for moms to find their way home to their own happiness.