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London, The City Of Angels And Olympics: Do Not Gamble

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Author: Bes And Syrk

Publisher: Trafford

ISBN 10: 1466912499
ISBN 13: 978-1466912496

That little mental exercise became our funny game and could have continued without the end. We could invent something beneficial almost in every current discomfort and find new opportunities sprouting from that not-very-pleasant condition. It is so easy; you can change everything on the spot by rearranging the point of view and allowing the brain to shoot a different thought. /or/ Make yourself bigger than your trouble, meet it with a smile, and watch it drop with the speed of avalanche, instead of tears, down, down, down. Obstacles-you are not going to threaten us This is our new standpoint and we mean it IMPORTANT THIS TEXT I was reading the eBook Christ Consciousness by Dr Joshua David Stone/Gloria Excelsias, available at www., when these words made a great impression on me: For 21 days, be a living joy machine Make a conscious effort to spread joy, happiness and optimism wherever you go Cheer up everyone around you and laugh and smile as much as you can, no matter what may happen during these three weeks Do it for 21 days so it becomes a habit ... - It seemed, that the Spirits of my grandsons were talking to me. Bes and Syrk were getting ready to accompany me to London for 44 days. So we made a secret commitment to strive every second to feel happy together, whatever the weather. Moreover, if such plans could be introduced successfully into our daily life - we would write together a book for children, which in turn would help readers to develop happier relationships. In addition, everybody reading this book will become aware of Angels, how Divine connection to God helps us in daily troubles.