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Lust & Learn: A Different Approach To Your Sexual Freedom

Author: Arely Favela

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1704618231
ISBN 13: 978-1704618234

Wow! This chicana wrote a book! I never thought I would say that! By far this was the most vulnerable thing I have ever accomplished. It was such an emotional roller coaster for me! The ride of writing this book had its ups and downs. The ups included feelings of freedom, peace and self acceptance. The downs included self doubt, confusion and a lot of crying. However, with the goal of helping people in my mind I allowed my heart to open up and be vulnerable with each of you. In this book I shared some of my most intimate stories, stories that not even my family/ friends know about. I share them here in hopes that you can see a little of yourself in them and learn. I use to sell myself short in my romantic life. I use to live it as if I had no emotions and my partners were objects instead of people. I have come so far since then! Now I welcome possibilities of intimacy in every level. Whether that is in friendships or romantic relationships. Through the process that I have shared with you in this book I have learned to love myself, trust people again, recreate my definition of intimacy and how to communicate that with people. The increase of my self worth and value has transformed my life completely. It has also made it very clear to me the things I desire and don’t desire in my life. Now I feel like I have a voice, which is part of being sexually free. Having sexual freedom is more than sex, it is about genualiy being your authentic self no matter what others may think about you. It doesn't matter where you may see yourself in the process. What matters is what decision you act on next. This journey will allow you to explore your most inner creavisices and expose the authentic you inside.