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Make it to Midnight: Learning to Live when you want to Die

Author: Jim Denning

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc

ISBN 10: 1642582239
ISBN 13: 978-1642582239

In 2009, Jim Denning was left for dead--not only by his own mindset--but by the medical community that had thrown in the towel and told him to go home and resign himself to a life of struggle,suicidal tendencies, depression, anxiety, and more.
However, through his faith in God and his self-determination, Jim essentially hacked his body, mind, and spirit--and chose life. Jim developed a set of tools and protocols to overcome the inner battle he was waging with himself--not only because of the body's natural tendencies, but also because he was attempting to fit into society and the corporate culture in ways that just weren't healthy for him--nor really what he was innately designed to do.
It was all about changing the way he viewed his brain and himself--in essence, accepting his true nature and aligning his values and desires with what served him best in the workforce, in relationships, essentially in all areas of life.
Today, he is medication free and happier than he has ever been.
In Make It to Midnight: Learning to Live When You Want to Die, Jim shares his discoveries:
*   Lao Tzu said that depression is pain from the past, and anxiety is pain from the future. To live a happy life, we must learn to live in the present. 
*   For this to happen, an understanding of the inner workings of our brains is required. The human brain is comprised of two components--a thinking brain and a feeling brain. Depression, anxiety, PTSD,and a host of other mental disorders can be traced back to a conflict between the thinking brain and the feeling brain.
*   When that conflict exists, that's the life we live--conflicted, unhappy, and discontented.
*   However, when we align our lives with our values and our innate temperaments and qualities, we can achieve a better quality of life--and ultimately, inner peace. 
Make It to Midnight: Learning to Live When You Want to Die will provide those who suffer with mental illness--or those who love someone struggling--with hope, inspiration, and a plan to Choose Life.