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Managing Social Anxiety, Therapist Guide: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Approach (Treatments That Work)

Author: Debra A. Hope

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN 10: 0190247592
ISBN 13: 978-0190247591

Social anxiety is a common and potentially disabling problem that can occur in situations ranging from dating to conversations to job interviews. Fortunately, three decades of research have shown that most people struggling with social anxiety can benefit from the cognitive-behavioral intervention described in Managing Social Anxiety.

The third edition of this Therapist Guide represents the latest update of the gold-standard psychosocial intervention for social anxiety. The guide provides foundational information on the nature of social anxiety and the empirically supported cognitive-behavioral techniques used to treat it, how best to implement these techniques, and how to deal with challenges that arise during treatment. New to this edition are updated procedures and background reflecting current science and clinical findings, a greater emphasis on a multicultural approach to practice, and more attention to client goals. The step-by-step approach detailed in Managing Social Anxiety is easy for beginning therapists to implement, and offers many practical recommendations to help clients successfully engage with the treatment. More experienced therapists will find useful strategies for challenging cases and expert guidance on fine-tuning their approach.