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Married Roommates: How to Go From a Relationship That Just Survives to a Marriage That Thrives

Author: Talia Wagner

Publisher: Newman Miller House

ISBN 10: 1733528601
ISBN 13: 978-1733528603

Are You Married But Living Like Roommates? 

Do you sleep back-to-back or even separately? 

Do you feel lonely, bored, or sexually unfulfilled in your marriage? 

If you feel like roommates and want more connection in your marriage, you are not alone.  

Millions of couples live empty, parallel lives and wonder, "Is this all there is?" 

Talia and Allen Wagner, relationship experts and marriage and family therapists, provide couples with an easy guide to improve their relationship. Through these useful skills couples can learn to create the relationship they both want.

The simple-to-implement tools and strategies will show you how to improve communication, increase appreciation and interest, and learn to reconnect. The creation of better habits will lead you to better results. Living a more satisfying and exciting life together is not only possible, it can happen a lot faster than you may think.

This book helps you reclaim your marriage by learning how to:

- Communicate effectively without assumptions and misinterpretations

- Resolve conflict by avoiding fights or escalations 

- Gain the tools to stop the disrespect, jabs, and low blows

- Grow attraction, improve intimacy, and have a better sex life

- Create new routines and reinvigorate the stale parts of your relationship 

- Prioritize one another and work as a team