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Meet Maslow: How Understanding the Priorities of Those Around Us Can Lead To Harmony And Improvement

Author: Landon T. Smith

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10: 1546332324
ISBN 13: 978-1546332329

Everyone has needs! But how many of us actually know what those needs are? Sure, we can point out the basic ones, eating, breathing and sleeping, but what other types of needs are there? Well, with the help of our good friend Abraham Maslow, we’re going to be talking all about needs! Meet Maslow is all about learning what he referred to as the Hierarchy of Needs, a pyramid designed to teach us what every human really needs in order to excel! The entire purpose of man isn’t just to live, but rather it is to live well, but we can’t live well without having our needs met! It’s problematic, however, when we barely have a grasp of what those needs actually entail! With Meet Maslow, you are going to be getting a no-nonsense guidebook to each step of the pyramid, learning about each need so that you can get closer to becoming a self-actualized member of society! It’s time to put away the pop psychology books and the fad self-help trends and turn to the wisdom of a man who more or less invented the way we perceive all needs. With his guidance, this book’s information and a little bit of hard work, you will find that you can begin to live life as a higher functioning individual in no time!