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Mending Broken Lives: One Woman’s Journey With Bipolar Disorder

Author: Jenny Wren-Patrick

Publisher: AuthorHouse UK

ISBN 10: 172839208X
ISBN 13: 978-1728392080

After suffering years of anxiety and abuse, Jenny Wren-Patrick was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. And while learning about her condition helped to explain a lot of her confusion and mood swings, her consultant psychiatrist advised her to take another step forward and start to write down her life’s story. Mending Broken Lives is the result, and for Jenny, writing it has unlocked many memories both good and bad, helping her to deal with the things she had buried deep down. She has received counseling at various times but still maintains that writing it all down has been the most help, and hopefully it will help others too—whether you are another soul with bipolar disorder, a professional studying bipolar disorder, or someone who has a friend or relative with this disorder. With the right support and understanding, there is light at the end of this long black tunnel.