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Mindful Emotional Eating: Mindfulness Skills to Control Cravings, Eat in Moderation and Optimize Coping

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Author: Pavel G. Somov Ph.D.

Publisher: PESI

ISBN 10: 1559570032
ISBN 13: 978-1559570039

Help your clients achieve exactly what they want when it comes to emotional eating …
you can eat to cope
you can learn to use food on occasion to feel better
you can feel in control (and have a treat)
you don’t have to feel bad or guilty about emotional eating
you don’t need to completely eliminate emotional eating to be healthy

In his new book, Mindful Emotional Eating, psychologist Pavel Somov has given a “cultural permission” to eat emotionally -- with mindfulness-based tools to do so in moderation and without self-judgment and self-loathing. Somov proposes that emotional eating is a legitimate form of self-care and teaches clients and clinicians how to “leverage more coping per calorie.” Numerous original exercises and meditative techniques will guide a more conscious alliance with food during moments of emotional distress.