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Mindfulness Activity Book For Kids

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Author: Laura Sanders

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1072852144
ISBN 13: 978-1072852148

Are you struggling to understand your hyperactive child or children?
Well you’re not alone because this book was written to help you learn how to help them:
Stay calm
Reduce Hyperactivity
Increase Concentration
Handle Their Own Emotions
Stop Acting Up, Stop Negative Thinking And Accomplish Much More Than They’ve Ever Thought Possible Through Unlocking The Full Power Of Mindfulness!

Kids; we want to bring out the best in them. But unfortunately, at times, they make the process of modeling them a frustrating experience. Virtually every child will go through a period of either of the following: hyperactivity, acting up, being too quiet, negative thinking, being too loud, talking too much, excessive worry, frustration, emotional meltdowns, debilitating fears and phobias and lack of concentration.

And when they do, it can get through to even the most carefree of parents, especially when the problem affects other facets of their life.

It can feel helpless because no matter how much you yell and threaten them, nothing may change.

What then do you do to avoid yelling, mind games, manipulation, cajoling and tricks?

Simple; help them learn the powerful art of mindfulness and you will see a massive transformation!

But how exactly does mindfulness help with all that?

What is the connection between mindfulness and childhood impulses?

How do you help your child to adopt mindfulness even when they can’t concentrate for even 1 minute?

How do you make each mindfulness session exciting such that the child looks forward to it?

Where can you apply mindfulness in a child’s life so that you can influence them positively to help them struggling with these childhood challenges?

What benefits can you and your child expect from practicing mindfulness?

And how can you make mindfulness child friendly?

If you have these and other related questions, this is the perfect book for you and your child, to shed light on how to guide your child to start being mindful in his/her everyday life.

More precisely, in this book, you both will learn:

  • The basics about mindfulness, including what it is all about
  • How mindfulness can help your child go deal with different situations, including how it achieves all that
  • Different exercises and situations to get your child to practice mindfulness
  • Specific steps to take to practice mindfulness in different everyday situations
  • How to guide your child throughout each mindfulness activity, complete with a list of questions to answer to track progress for you and the child
  • Child friendly activities to make everything exciting and less demanding on the child
  • Mindfulness word-search activities that will enhance your child’s understanding of what he/she is learning
  • How to get your child to be more grateful in life, to calm down, to be less anxious, to worry less, to fear less, overcome phobias, listen more, be present, to see their inner beauty, recognize their emotions, stop n joy and more
  • Powerful coloring activities to increase your child’s mindfulness without them even realizing it
  • How to identify whether your child has self-esteem issues and fix them with mindfulness activities for kids
  • Mindfulness weekly challenge for kids to help propel your child to the next level
  • And much more!

It may seem difficult to train your child mindfulness but with the easy to follow approach in this book, you can rest assured that you will have an easy time getting your child to follow what’s taught!

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