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Miraculeś Garden: Large Print (Miraculeś Large Print)

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Author: Sheri Hauser

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 13: 979-8610806532

This is large print Miraculeś derived from Chapter 1-2 in Miraculeś 2nd Edition. See Miraculeś Seven Spirits-Large Print for chapter 3-4 and Miraculeś Merging Souls for chapter 5. They are 6" x 9" size compiled according to the best practices and guidelines for Large Print Documents used by the Low Vision Community authored by the Council of Citizens with Low Vision International An Affiliate of the American Council of the Blind. Garden of your Heart...This book is for those who know that there is a wall between them and God; they know there is a wall between where they are and where they want to be. Because, perhaps, after looking over all the book titles, you feel overwhelmed because you are still on the other side of the wall. And, like a college student looking to receive a degree in a few years, you feel you can’t wait that long. You have a burning in your chest that won’t let you rest. Your soul is starving. And, you have been so long without food that you have looked for other things to eat. But, what they have fed you is the cardboard box instead of the Cheerios. And, you look at them chewing on their own cardboard with plastic smiles on their faces and wonder, “Certainly they know.” For, they are filled, but not satisfied.And, if you find that you are surrounded with good things. If you have a nice family, decent job and comfortable living conditions, yet are miserable; this book is for you. MiraculeŚ is written from dreams which have been opened using the presence of God, and several Holy Books including translations of the Hebrew-English Tanaka, the Book of Mormon, the Qur’aan, and New American Catholic Bible.The goal of this book is not to convert individuals to any specific religion, but to open up our understanding how to hear God’s voice for ourselves within whatever group we live. Think of it like this: each of us has been given a piece of paper {symbolic of our ideas concerning who God is}. None of us has a whole piece of paper because there is no way we could totally understand Him. So, each of us is missing parts of the paper: some more than others. How would I know which piece of your paper is missing and how would you know which piece of mine is not there? Many think that we can ‘straighten’ up others by planting them into ‘our pot’. But, the message of Miraculeś is that God want to feed us all in the pot where we have been planted.We each reflect Him in our own special way. But, how can we know what that is if we can’t figure out who He is? Miraculeś walks the reader into the secret garden of understanding things of a spiritual nature which is very different from understanding things of the physical nature. We cannot come to any type of understanding of God using our mind; it doesn’t work. We must put the puzzle together using the pieces He has given. It’s His puzzle, not ours. So why not ask Him to provide the pieces necessary to build the picture the way it was intended? Welcome to Miraculeś. It was originally written (309 pages) with art by my sister, Karna. The book is same size as Coriantá when it is printed. It is book four of the Stepping Stones to the Garden. So, I hope you enjoy Miraculeś.