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Mood Journal: Mental Health Tracker with Daily Guided Prompts, Questions, and Self Reflection for Battling Depression, Negative Emotions, and for ... Women, Men, Teens, New Moms, Black/Grey Cover

Author: Captivating Journals

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1089812035
ISBN 13: 978-1089812036

This practical and useful Mood Journal is perfect for tracking your moods, if you are concerned with sadness, depression, the negative impact that stress has on your emotions, etc.

This journal also makes the perfect gift for anyone you know who may be struggling with his/her mood and happiness - men, women, teens, new moms.

This journal comes in 8" X 10", and has prompts and questions to make journaling simple and fast to do each day to help track patterns in your mood.

This journal is separated into Parts 1 and Parts 2. Be sure to use Amazon's "Look Inside" feature to see the inside of this journal.

Part 1 of this journal provides you with daily journal pages to record:

    Wake-up time

    Hours slept

    Meals and beverages eaten as well as time of day (as this can affect your well-being and mood)

    What you think may have caused negative emotions in your day

    Morning, afternoon, and evening mood ratings

    What you could have done to improve your day

    Positive things that happened today

    What you are grateful for

    Goals for having a good day tomorrow

    Space to write a daily Positive Affirmation

A chart that records your mood in color day by day, month by month for a whole year. This can help you identify patterns in your mood.

A sample list of Positive Affirmations that you can use and to give you inspiration for thinking of and finding more positive affirmations to use daily.

Extra blank pages to add "More Thoughts"

In Part 2, , you are provided with the following:

A sampling of coloring pages with positive quotes to use for de-stressing and relaxation.

Pages to doodle, draw, or write your feelings and thoughts out.

More space to plan goals, and how you plan to meet those goals

If you are ready to explore what causes your negative emotions, and begin to change to an attitude of gratitude and more positive thinking which can help improve your mood, then this is the journal that can help set you on the right track.

You can also provide it as a gift to someone you love who could use this journal to improve his/her life.