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Mood Tracker: Fitness Health Feelings Journal | Understand Your Emotions | Create Happier And Healthier Lifestyle

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Author: Lawrence Westfall

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1688119604
ISBN 13: 978-1688119604

Are you a moody person? Happy one day and down in the dumps the next? Ever try to figure out why without seeing a shrink? Track your moods and see what causes your happiness or sadness.

Mood Tracker instructions:

Using a Monthly Mood Tracker journal can help you every day to identify negative elements, or triggers, that you should avoid to maintain optimum health. Triggers differ for everyone and could be related to poor diet, stressful situations, or lack of sleep. As you implement positive strategies to improve your health, you will see the positive effects in your Mood Tracker Notebook. You may notice better moods on days following exercise or getting a good night's sleep. Focus on these positive outcomes will empower you to make better choices to feel healthier and happier.

Using the Monthly Mood Tracker for women:

Keeping track of your moods in a journal is a visual way to gain insight into the relationship between moods and emotions, sleep, health and your well-being. Keep track your moods on this Mood and Gratitude tracker, by following the steps below:

Choose up to six moods that you would like to track and write them in the spaces provided

Select a color to represent each of these moods and color in the corresponding circles

Starting at number 1 on the tracker, color in a segment of the outer circle each day, using the color that best represents your mood.

Inside the Mood Tracker:

  • 120 Pages (60 Monthly Mood tracking pages and 60 blank so colors won't bleed through)
  • Tracking pages are on the right for right handed folks
  • 8.5X11 inches
  • 31 slots to record your daily moods
  • Track 5 years worth of daily moods
  • Glossy Cover

Track your daily moods every month for five years and see what makes you happy, sad, or otherwise. Then, use this information to better your life.

Left hand mood tracker and right hand mood tracker are the same - just the pages are on the left side for lefties and the right side for righties.