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Music Therapy and Mental Illness: With A Focus on Schizophrenia and the Role of Pastors

Author: Harrison S Mungal PhD

Publisher: Xlibris, Corp.

ISBN 10: 1450009115
ISBN 13: 978-1450009119

With the increasingly important role of psychosocial interventions in the treatment of schizophrenia and other mental illness, many interventions have been adequately researched and standardized to meet the criteria for evidence-based practice. Music therapy is one such modality, which is viewed as another therapeutic form of intervention. However, there remains no resource to guide music therapists in the implementation of appropriate evidence-based techniques. This book develops such a resource, which matches psychosocial goals with appropriate music therapy interventions across the domains of functioning. This resource has the potential to provide immediate and long-term support to clinicians and their clients. It may also serve as a template to guide music therapy research, by identifying applications which have yet to be empirically studied.
There are many components which are discussed to prove from a scientific and a spiritual view that music can be used as a therapeutic means for those suffering with schizophrenia and similar mental health illness. A brief review of other mental health illnesses and the role the church plays in providing effective support also is included.
Pastors have been looked down at, as though they are the door mat of society. This has placed a stigma upon many creating a restriction as to what they should and shouldn't do. However, a new breed of pastors is rising up with an internal drive to make a difference both in the church and in the society. They are destroying the stigma that has been created to change our world and impact our communities including the mental health. We have learned from every culture and ethnic group how music is an important part of daily living. Music is unique in every person's life. It is possible that God created music to calm the mind and help mankind deal with their every day stressors.
This book is an educational tool to help individuals understand schizophrenia and other serious mental illness. It's a book everyone should have to understand themselves and others.