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My Feelings Journal & Log Book: Emotion Tracking Journal For Kids & Teens - Help Children And Tweens Express Their Feelings - Reduce Anxiety, Anger & Frustration.

Author: Lilly's Journal

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1657764176
ISBN 13: 978-1657764170

My Feelings Journal & Log Book: Emotion Tracking Journal For Kids & Teens - 6 x 9 inch journal, with over 100 pages to work with.

Help Children And Tweens Express Their Feelings - Reduce Anxiety, Anger & Frustration and share their feelings.

This beautifully designed journal is ideal for both elementary age, up to the early teen years.

Your child will be able to think about how they feel each day and also have the opportunity to share those feelings with you, or somebody else that they feel comfortable with.

Each day has two pages to work with.

On the first page....

  • You're asked to identify your key emotion for the day by circling the most relevant emoji. However, there is also a space for your child to draw their OWN emoji too, which gives them more creative freedom.
  • There's then a space to doodle/draw or stick something related to how their feeling.
  • An additional small place to write about how they feel, (if they want to... no pressure!).

On the second page....

  • You're asked to write down three good things about your day. This will help the child focus on the positive aspects that they can take from every single day, no matter how they feel.
  • You're asked to write down something or someone that helped you during the day.
  • You're asked to write about something you'd like to improve on tomorrow.
  • Lastly, you're asked if there is someone you'd like to share your feelings with.... Whether it be via writing, drawing or just talking!

Each day there is also the opportunity to write a letter or draw a picture to the person you'd like to share your feelings with. There is a template to use and you're actually able to tear this out of the page if you'd like to.

Alternatively, this space could be a place for the child to simply write to themselves about how they're feeling and this can be soothing it itself, without necessarily sharing it with anyone. Whatever the child would like to do, the option is there.

This emotion tracking journal can be used every day, or simply when the child needs it the most, or is having a particularly challenging day.

Not only would this make a great gift for a child, to give them the opportunity to track how they feel each day and improve their overall mood and sense of well-being....

This could also make an excellent tool for teachers to have in school, particularly for children who struggle to understand their feelings.

Likewise, this could be something that school therapists can use, to encourage their students to communicate their feelings to others and acknowledge their emotions.

This emotion tracking diary would be particularly beneficial for children who would benefit from identifying and acknowledging their feelings regularly - such as those with conditions such as; an Autism spectrum condition, ADHD, an Anxiety disorder, Depression & Mood disorders.