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My Weight-Loss Apocalypse: Rebirth from the Ashes of Eating Disorder Hell

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Author: Robin Phipps Woodall

Publisher: Five Point Press

ISBN 10: 1733145605
ISBN 13: 978-1733145602

After publishing Weight-Loss Apocalypse in 2011, author Robin Phipps Woodall started a YouTube Channel to share her coaching sessions that helped people who struggled to stop emotional eating. As Woodall met with each of her coaching clients, she found that her significant experience with an eating disorder, as well as her miraculous recovery, kept coming up in their discussions. For thousands of followers, Woodall’s story was only understood through bits and pieces discussed in these YouTube videos. In this book, Woodall tells how in the matter of a couple of years she went from being a cheerful college student to suffering with suicidal depression and a relentless eating disorder. While in a deep state of contemplation as she emotionally prepared to end her life, Woodall miraculously recovered. Not only did she experience an instantaneous removal from every negative aspect of the disorder and depression, but she also came out of it having a total shift in the way she perceived and lived life. After over 20 years of being totally recovered, Robin Woodall is excited to tell you her story: My Weight-Loss Apocalypse.