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narcissistic-mothers-and-grown-up-daughters-the-hell-of-narcissistic-family-healing-guide-on-how-to-handle-manipulative-parents-and-other-abuses-fix-the-relationship-and-heal-empathy-narcissism-1. 2 ["Account Type","Format"] == ["Account Type","Format"]

Narcissistic mothers and grown up daughters: The hell of narcissistic family. Healing guide on how to handle manipulative parents and other abuses, fix the relationship and heal empathy (Narcissism)

Author: Cecilia Overt

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1676764860
ISBN 13: 978-1676764861

You are about to Learn How to Stop Your Mother’s Manipulative Strategies in Their Tracts to Have Your Life, Peace Of Mind And Sanity Back!

There are mothers, in the traditional sense of the word “mother”, who would do anything for their children, irrespective of whether they are young or old with families of their own.

And then there are narcissistic mothers, who are the complete opposite of ‘traditional mothers’; lying, manipulative, always wanting to get their way, always striving to become the center of attention, always turning things around to be about them, never apologetic, never taking responsibility and much more.

If your mother falls in the 2nd category, you know just how tiring, helpless and thankless your relationship with her can get. And the guilt and sense of obligation you may feel as an adult child could literally drive you nuts, as you feel the need to keep everything secret and maintain the rosy image that your narcissistic mother has held for years!

Where do you even start?

You probably have lots of questions…

What goes on in her mind to want to unleash her manipulative tactics on you?

How can you spot her manipulative and narcissistic strategies from getting through to you?

How can you build a relationship with your mother when she just seems like she is out to annoy you on purpose, oppose you for the sake of it and just never offer any help like other ‘normal’ mothers do?

How can you heal from the trauma and abuse that she has brought on you throughout the years?

When do you decide enough is enough and develop the courage to cut ties with your mother, even if it hurts you deeply?

If you have these and other related questions, this book seeks to answer them all so keep reading, as it covers the ins and outs of turning a new leaf in your life as you deal with your narcissistic mother.

More precisely, the book covers:

  • The basics about narcissistic personality disorder, including what it looks like so that you can spot it, the causes as well as the different remedies for narcissistic personality disorder
  • How narcissistic tendencies manifest in mothers, so that you can tell whether your mother is truly narcissistic
  • The different types of narcissistic mothers
  • How a narcissistic mother especially affects her daughters through her tendencies
  • The effects of being raised by a narcissistic parent, including how manipulation occurs, how a narcissistic parent influences your mindset, your emotional balance, self-discipline and other facets of your life
  • The tools that your narcissistic mother may have been using on you to gain control, including how to spot these tools in action and take action
  • How to develop the courage to cut ties with your mother and start healing
  • And much more

Being brought up by such a mother can literally alter your view of the role of parents, and mothers in particular. It can make you hate to be a parent; because you don’t want to make your children to go through the pain you went through. And even if you become a parent, it can be hard to know how to parent your children; because you have nothing to guide you on how to parent your children properly.

Lucky for you, this book takes an easy to follow, step by step approach to help you end the manipulation and mind games that your narcissistic mother or any member of your family has been playing on you.

Don’t wait any longer…

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