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Narcissistic Partner Abuse: Change Yourself to Stop Being a Victim

Author: Caroline Foster

Publisher: Independently published

ISBN 10: 1679159259
ISBN 13: 978-1679159251

Do you suspect that your partner is a narcissist? Are you a victim of a narcissistic partner, searching how to get rid of this toxic relationship? Are you a survivor of narcissistic abuse, trying to recover from this devastating experience? This book is for YOU.

Narcissists cannot change, but their victims can change. Caroline Foster, an expert life coach, gives theoretical and practical information to help you develop a new mindset, so you no longer have to be a victim.

This book is written for victims of narcissistic men not because of gender discrimination but because the author is writing another book for victims of narcissistic women (coming soon).

This book also explains the narcissistic way of thinking and strategies to deal with a real narcissist. Pathological narcissism is a very serious personality disorder. It means that the narcissist has developed pathologically and there is nothing healthy in himself. On the other side, the victim has a problem of self-development, which causes her to fall into the narcissist's plots. 

Executioners and victims are like two pieces of a puzzle that fit together perfectly. To get rid of this situation, the victim must "change shape" to no longer be compatible with the narcissist.

This book deals with the problem of narcissistic abuse by focusing on the victim and her healing potential and self-development.

Book contents:

  • How to Recognize narcissism
    What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder?
    Types of Narcissism
    How to recognize a narcissist (red flags)
  • The narcissist’s victim profile
    Why do you attract narcissists?
    The attachment and energy exchange system
  • The relationship with a narcissistic partner
    Signs of a narcissistic relationship
    Stages of a narcissistic relationship
    Narcissistic strategies of manipulation
  • How to escape from narcissistic partner abuse
    Consequences of narcissistic abuse
    How to decide to leave a narcissistic relationship
    Understanding yourself as an empath
    The unconscious belief the empath must deal with to break free of the narcissist
    How to escape from narcissist’s manipulation
    Talking with the narcissist
    Influencing the narcissist
    Responding to the narcissist
    How to outsmart a narcissist
    Strategies for dealing with narcissists
  • How to recover from narcissistic abuse
    Steps to recovery
    Lifestyle changes to implement on the path to recovery
    Signs that you are recovering from narcissistic abuse
  • Which is the sense of your experience with the narcissist

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