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Neuro-Learning: Principles from the Science of Learning on Information Synthesis, Comprehension, Retention, and Breaking Down Complex Subjects (Learning how to Learn)

Author: Peter Hollins

Publisher: Independently published
ISBN 10: 1676093443
ISBN 13: 978-1676093442

Publisher: Pkcs Media, Inc.
ISBN 10: 1647431433
ISBN 13: 978-1647431433

Work with your brain, not against it. Use neuroscience foundations to learn better, faster, and stronger.

All our lives, we've been taught ways to learn that are utterly ineffective and ignorant as to how our brains work. This book will transform your approach to learning.

Scientifically-proven, step-by-step methods for effective learning.

Neuro-Learning is a mini tour of our brains, including its highs and lows. This book will show you the most effective methods for learning, the pitfalls we must avoid, and the habits we must cultivate. It borrows from multiple scientific disciplines to present comprehensive techniques to simply learn more, faster.

Memorize more and learn more deeply - in less time.

Peter Hollins has studied psychology and peak human performance for over a dozen years and is a bestselling author. He has worked with a multitude of individuals to unlock their potential and path towards success. His writing draws on his academic, coaching, and research experience.

Achieve expertise faster, beat distractions and procrastination, and break down complexity.

•A tour of the brain's main functions and how they affect your quest learning goals.•The learning techniques that work, and those that don't - with evidence.•How to never need to cram again.•The learning mistakes you are probably committing right now.•The learning myths you are probably still believing.•How your emotions and imagination can assist in learning.

Learning to learn unlocks everything you want in life. It takes you from Point A t Point B, and is the only way to guarantee continual progress and development in your life and skills.

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This is the seventh book in the “Learning how to Learn” series as listed below:1.The Science of Self-Learning: How to Teach Yourself Anything, Learn More in Less Time, and Direct Your Own Education2.The Science of Rapid Skill Acquisition: Advanced Methods to Learn, Remember, and Master New Skills and Information [Second Edition]3.The Self-Learning Blueprint: A Strategic Plan to Break Down Complex Topics, Comprehend Deeply, and Teach Yourself Anything4.The Science of Accelerated Learning: Advanced Strategies for Quicker Comprehension, Greater Retention, and Systematic Expertise5.Learn Like Einstein: Memorize More, Read Faster, Focus Better, and Master Anything With Ease… Become An Expert in Record Time (Accelerated Learning)6.Accelerated Learning for Expertise: Rapid Knowledge Acquisition Skills to Learn Faster, Comprehend Deeper, and Reach a World-Class Level7.Neuro-Learning: Principles from the Science of Learning on Information Synthesis, Comprehension, Retention, and Breaking Down Complex Subjects