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Neuroscience and Critical Thinking: Understand the Hidden Pathways of Your Thought Patterns- Improve Your Memory, Make Rational Decisions, Tune Down Emotional Reactions, and Set Realistic Expectations

Author: Albert Rutherford

Publisher: Independently published
ISBN 10: 1097238571
ISBN 13: 978-1097238576

Publisher: Dorottya Zita Varga
ISBN 10: 1951385055
ISBN 13: 978-1951385057

Understand your brain for wisdom, stability, peace, and clarity.

Improve your critical and rational thinking skills by understanding the science of your brain. Being irrational and making snap judgments is natural. But you can prevent both if you know what cognitive patterns to look for. Start thinking effectively from the root - neuroscience and how it impacts your critical analysis and thinking. Critical thinking skills improve your decision-making muscle, speed up your deductive thinking skills, and improve your judgment. In Neuroscience and Critical Thinking, you’ll find widely usable and situation-specific advice on how to view about your daily life, business, friendships, opinions, and even social media in a critical fashion.

Easily spot errors in reasoning.

•Think slowly and deliberately before making a snap judgment or decision•Question assumptions and opinions (including your own) •How to gather information before jumping to conclusions•Accept and expect that human nature is ultimately biased and prone to make cognitive errors Learn about the most important critical thinking principles as well as shortcuts to make better decisions. •Learn the main principles of critical thinking.•Solve underlying issues, not mere symptoms•Find the most rewarding aspects of any opportunity•Detect the thinking errors of larger groups or individuals

Ask powerful questions to effectively self-assess.

Level up your critical thinking skills and save time, filter out irrelevant information efficiently, and prioritize your resources to get the best results. Identify better problem-solving approaches rather than relying on standard methods that don’t suit your case. Enhance your communication skills, reasoning, and logic.

Get to know your brain to have better solution to problems, solve difficult tasks easier, and understand the world better.