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Neurosculpting: A Whole-Brain Approach to Heal Trauma, Rewrite Limiting Beliefs, and Find Wholeness

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Author: Lisa Wimberger

Publisher: Sounds True

ISBN 10: 1622032284
ISBN 13: 978-1622032280

The synthesis of meditation and modern neuroscience has sparked a revolution―more than ever, we can use specific practices to create positive, lasting changes in our brains. Lisa Wimberger experienced the power of neuroplasticity firsthand. When conventional medicine offered no answers for her deadly seizures, she created her own regimen of meditation and life practices to heal herself. Today, Lisa has successfully taught her Neurosculpting® method to veterans, first responders, and clients in the most stressful occupations. With Neurosculpting, she brings readers a complete guide to this life-changing process, featuring transformative insights and techniques for:

• Engaging the mind-body connection to shape our neural pathways with positive choices and intentions

• Disarming stress triggers, healing trauma, rewriting limiting beliefs, and liberating yourself from unhealthy habits

• Whole-brained meditation―bringing your brain’s left and right hemispheres into harmony to awaken your full potential

• Integrating lifestyle, diet, exercise, and spiritual practice to create the ideal environment for healing and happiness

• Putting it all together―practical guidance for personalizing your own approach to Neurosculpting

"If you could learn to squeeze the vibrancy and beauty out of each moment of your life," writes Wimberger, "would you say yes to a practice that could get you there?" With an engaging, layman-friendly style that encompasses cutting-edge neuroscience and our human capacity for hope, free will, love, and spirituality, she offers a breakthrough guide for taking charge of our health, happiness, and personal growth.