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New ADHD Medication Rules: Brain Science & Common Sense

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Author: Dr. Charles Parker

Publisher: Koehler Books

ISBN 10: 1938467221
ISBN 13: 978-1938467226

New Rules Provides Solutions For ADHD Medication Confusion
Medical treatment for ADHD fails far too often - not because of the drugs themselves, but how they are managed. New ADHD Medication Rules -- Brain Science & Common Sense shows that patients often suffer from missed brain and body diagnoses that create a variety of reactions to ADHD medications. The too frequent result of these challenges: diagnostic confusion, imbalanced treatment and over or under medication. In the only book of its kind, Dr. Charles Parker clearly explains how these uncertainties happen, and how insightful communication with professionals can dramatically improve treatment using available methods assembled from hard data, clinical experience and laboratory research.

What You Will Learn From New ADHD Medication Rules:
  • Stimulant medication duration, "burn rates," depend on how the brain reacts to specific stimulant medications and to medical challenges in the body, such as nutrition and immunity. These imbalances affect brain function, and ultimately create unpredictable reactions to ADHD medications.
  • Treatment is not on par with easily understandable brain science. Brain science employs precise ADHD guideposts to remove much of the guesswork around diagnosis and treatment.
  • Few, if any, rules or protocols are available to practitioners for the daily clinical management of ADHD medications. Without specific rules patients face a standard-of-practice quagmire based upon inadequate treatment targets.
According to Parker: "Too many aren't thinking critically about medical treatments for the thinking process. ADHD is a diagnosis based upon appearances, not brain function."
Understandable Solutions
In straightforward language that simplifies the mind/body complexity of ADHD medical management, New ADHD Medication Rules offers clinical data and explanations for why treatments so often fail. Using irrefutable research about brain and body responses to ADHD meds, Dr. Parker outlines New Rules - practical treatment protocols - to customize treatment for each patient, and thereby design more predictable outcomes.

New Rules Objectives
Written for patients, parents of children with ADHD, and professionals, this book compels us to pay better attention to the drugs for paying attention.

Both paperback and Kindle editions are now available at Amazon.