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New Beginnings: A Bipolar's Journey to Regain Her God-Given Identity

Author: Faith Bonyak

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC

ISBN 10: 1618970828
ISBN 13: 978-1618970824

New Beginnings: A Bipolar's Journey to Regain Her God-Given Identity presents a bird's-eye view of the author's life. Faith Bonyak penned this memoir over a seven-year period as an overview of her life dealing with bipolar and borderline personality disorder, before there was a name for it. "The first part of the book is about all the different identities I lived under to help myself deal with the issues I was undergoing. The final part is the journey to my New Beginning. It is all the things I've learned along the way to help me see what God really had planned for me." Faith's story was written to help others overcome what she has experienced. "I wanted to show others that you can lead a normal life and have this disorder. I want to be open and honest about how this disorder affects me on a daily basis and how I make my marriage and parenting work, even with the limitations it provides to me. Once again, I want to show others like me that they're not alone! I've been in their shoes when I've been manic. I understand the physical pain the cycle of depression brings. This is not something to be ashamed of, and it's something that can be treated if they let themselves get the help that is out there." About the Author: Faith Bonyak is an interpreter for the deaf in Weirton, West Virginia. "I believe I was named Faith for a reason." She is inspired by her husband and children. Author's website: Publisher's website: